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Gearhead lingo

If you don't know a clutch from a carburetor, here is some car enthusiast slang to help you at the BlackTop Nationals.

Brand nicknames

* MoPar — any Dodge, Plymouth or Chrysler product. Derived from the term Motor Parts, Chrysler's parts and service division.

* Bow Tie — Any Chevrolet product, derived from the Chevy emblem.

* Blue Oval — any Ford vehicle, most of which carry the Ford script in a blue oval logo

* Shoebox Ford — a 1949, '50 or '51 Ford sedan or coupe

* Deuce — the classic 1932 Ford body style

* Goat — a Pontiac GTO.

Other terms

* Burnout — Drivers stop the car, rev up the engine and spin the rear tires to make them smoke.

* Drop Top or Rag Top — a convertible with a cloth roof

* Retractable Hardtop — a car with a folding metal roof that can be lowered like a convertible.

* Chopped and bagged — a custom car that has had its roof line lowered and its suspension modified with airbags that allow it to be lowered right down onto the pavement.

* Old school — a traditional looking hot rod or custom car.