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Yost stands by Mazzaro decision

The scorched earth around the mound has been repaired. Vin Mazzaro is back with Omaha to seek the stuff that got him the promotion in the first place, and the Royals aren't apologizing for an epically bad performance on Monday.

"You have to be accountable for what happens on the baseball field," Royals general manager Dayton Moore said.

Manager Ned Yost was more direct.

"You deal with it, you don't cry about it, you don't go home and hang your head, you don't look for sympathy," Yost said. "You go do what you do best, and that's go pitch."

Everybody moved on from one of the worst pitching lines in the game's history: 14 earned runs in 2 1/3 innings.

Nobody in the game's history surrendered as many in less than three innings.

A day later, Yost stood by his decision to let Mazzaro labor as long as he did. He needed an arm to eat innings and save the bullpen when, four batters in, Kyle Davies left the game with what the team called shoulder inflammation.

"When things happen, you have to adjust and adjust quick," Yost said. "As soon as Davies got hurt, I could have gone ahead and blown out the bullpen."

And save Mazzaro for his scheduled start against the Indians on Tuesday.

"Or," Yost said, "I could use him to suck up five innings, keep the bullpen intact and have everybody go on their regular day. It's not fair at times."

Mazzaro was asked after his performance if he felt he got a fair shake.

"I don't know, do you?" Mazzaro said. "It's kind of a tough call there."

Mazzaro called it "a tough night, a tough situation."

The Royals agreed.

"You never want to see any of your players struggle," Moore said. "It was a tough environment for him, not expecting to pitch, and then called upon because of an injury. But that's what you have to do as a major-league pitcher."

The Royals wound up using four pitchers -- Jeremy Jeffress, Tim Collins, Joakim Soria and Louis Coleman -- after Mazzaro. All threw one inning, except Jeffress, who threw 1 2/3.

Yost said he saved the pen as much as he could.

"We've got everybody available to pitch tonight," he said.

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