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Q: We have guests from out of town who would like to dine at a restaurant only found in Wichita. Can you help? — Dana from Wichita

A: Dana -- of course you know that everyone will recommend NuWay, the crumbly but good burgers found all over town. I'm not a huge fan, though, and I'm not sure what kind of dining experience you're looking for. Wichita has a vibrant Mediterranean dining scene, too, and I could recommend Bella Luna, Byblos at 3088 W 13th St. and N&J Cafe at 5600 E. Lincoln. Another good choice -- DeFazio's, which serves delicious WichItalian food at 2706 N. Amidon.

Question of the week

What’s your favorite Rock Road restaurant?

And a couple of answers to last week’s question: Who makes Wichita's best blueberry pancakes?

“I would vote for my wife. But the Village Inn Pancake House on West Central does a nice job, and so does IHOP.” — JinJiang

“The best are at Jeannie's Cafe!!! (Douglas and Oliver).”— operagoddess

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Comings and goings: Restaurants recently opened and closed, and coming soon