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Q: Denise, Would it be possible for you to pass on information about the upcoming 27th annual Catfish Fry this Saturday from 4 to midnight at The Artichoke? This is our annual customer appreciation event. Free catfish, red beans and rice, hush puppies and fixings will be served starting at 6. Kansas Acoustic Arts Association will be having a benefit auction as well as providing an open mic from 4 to 11 p.m. -- Pat Audley from Wichita

A: It would be possible. I love a good fish fry. For those who don't know, the Artichoke is at 811 N. Broadway.

Question of the week

A reader asked me, and I'm not sure, so I'm asking you: Who makes Wichita's best blueberry pancakes?

And a very long answer (the only one I got) to last week’s question: What do you put in your bowl when you eat at local Mongolian Grills? This comes from reader Jonathan Workman.

“As the winner of last year's ‘How Do You HuHot’ contest for the Wichita store, I submitted the following recipe:

The Atomic Carnivore Explosion!

Meat:Beef, and lots of it! Smaller portions of chicken, pork and spicy sausage.

Noodles:Chinese noodles...add last to hold all the meat and veggies in your bowl!

Vegatables:Equal portions yellow onion, mushroom, green pepper and red potato. Add to your bowl after the meat and heap those veggies high!

Sauce:With this much food, you've gotta use a lot of sauce!2 ladles each of Not-So-Sweet & Sour, Five Village Fire Szechwan and Kung Pao...Yow! Add 3 ladles of Burn-Your_Village Barbeque and top it off with one ladle each of Sesame Oil and Hot Chili Oil. Beads of sweat are now forming on your brow...

Secret Weapon:The secret weapon is ... time! Do not immediately take your bowl to the grill. Wait a few minutes for the sauces to soak into the noodles and the veggies for maximum flavor! When you just can't wait any longer, count to twenty and offer your bowl to the grill gods. Sprinkle with crunchy noodles and sunflower seeds. Have a glass of your favorite beverage handy when you dig in ... you're gonna need it for this atomic feast!

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