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Q: Is Michael Gonzalez still going to open his Metro Grill II on South Rock Road? I drove past the location last week and didn't see the "coming soon" signs any longer. Please say it's still coming! I mean, if I have to go to Towne East and sit in the food court just to get his delicious food, I'll do it, but I'd rather sit in a comfortable restaurant without a view of the Sears. — Krista from Wichita

A: He says he is still planning it, but he's hit an unexpected (and fairly ugly, it seems) snag with his landlord. I spoke to him Saturday, and he's stressed but determined and says he hopes he can get the restaurant open this year. Gonzalez has planned Metro Grill II for a building at 366 N. Rock Road that’s been home to Plant and Patio and Rugs to Riches in recent years.

Question of the week

What do you put in you bowl when you eat at local Mongolian grills?

And a few answers to last week’s question: The dressing makes the salad, and some restaurants have dressings to-die for. What local salad dressing do you love best?

“The owner of Byblos', Illham Saad, makes her own salad dressing. Sells it commercially besides using in her restaurant and it is yummy!” — fl00zy

“DeFazio's House Italian Salad is the best in Wichita. It helps me remember the great taste of Angelo’s.” — ce

“Have any of us gotten over the loss of the garlic dressing at Abe’s?” — bspearce

“I do miss the garlic dressing at Abe’s, and Byblos’ fattouch is wonderful. But LeMonde's house dressing is my pick.” —JinJiang

“Any of the homemade salad dressings at Cafe Moderne are to DIE for; I'm particularly fond of the vinaigrette. Also, the best ranch dressing in town has to be Knolla's Pizza.” — kitzarina

“The house Parmesan dressing at Carrabba's, tossed with their house salad. Good stuff!” — al67212

“Uptown Bistro has beautiful salads, and a really good cranberry dressing.” —jhilton

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