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Q: Denise: What happened to the Smoothie King on Ridge Road? I loved their smoothies. — Ginny from Wichita

A: Ginny: That Smoothie King isn't totally gone. It just moved. It's now in the former Picture Perfect space at 8000 W. Central. Bonus — the new spot features a drive-through.

Question of the weekMother's Day is approaching, which begs the question: Which Wichita restaurant offers the best Sunday brunch buffet?

And a few answer’s to last week’s question: Do you ever order wine at a restaurant? Who has Wichita's best wine list?

“They tell me that Mike’s Wine Dive will have quite an extensive list. I miss Cibola's wine list!” — kathie

“While there are a couple of places with good wine lists, my choice for the best would be Chester's.” — JinJiang

“I occasionally buy wine for dinner at home, but I have never ordered wine at a restaurant. And I think the reason is I don't want to sip on wine while I wait for my meal. And I have tried ordering a beer, while I wait, but having an iced tea served with my meal. I always have to ask at least twice for my tea. I figure it would be the same with the wine.” — mopar