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Q: Have you tried or heard anything about the restaurant in the Art Museum, The Muse? We used to go there all the time when Adam was the chef, and it was the Spartan. —Submitted by Travis from Wichita

A: Back in 2007, Latour Management (the same people who have Piccadilly, The Olive Tree, Bagatelle and more), took over The Spartan and changed the name to The Muse. The cuisine is similar to what Chef Adam Courtney served — soups, salads, sandwiches and other entrees. You can call 316-268-4973 to get more information.

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A few answers to last week's question: Who makes Wichita's best barbecue?

"For commercial bbq, I vote for Hog Wild, followed by Pig In Pig Out. I miss the BBQ Cookoff that Old Town Association used to have. ... Those guys could cook! If you were lucky enough to know a team, you could sample some of the best bbq in the state!"

"Pig In Pig Out without question is the best BBQ in Wichita or as a matter of fact in Kansas!" —rchoy

"Well, I haven't eaten EVERYWHERE that serves barbecue, but I'm partial to Delano BBQ and Bubba's Nekkid BBQ, both for their pulled pork, which I prefer over brisket. Sometimes the best barbecue in Wichita comes out of my brother-in-law's smoker — he can make a rack of spareribs to bring tears to your eyes, and he even makes his own sauce. What people don't realize around here is Wichita barbecue is as good or better than much of what's proclaimed to be the region's best barbecue, up in Kansas City. I've had some great barbecue in Kansas City, and some really indifferent barbecue in Kansas City." —podunkboy

"Absolutely the BEST is Oklahoma Boy's BBQ in El Dorado. At last we don't have to drive to Wichita to get great BBQ!" —dsmadd

"It used to be Rib Daddy's. They had the best brisket I had ever eaten and their sides were wonderful, red beans and rice and sweet potato fries. Now that they are no longer with us, I enjoy Payne Place and Pig In Pig Out." —tbest4475

"I love BBQ, and nobody does it as perfect as I do. But the closest I have found is Hog Wild. If I had to pick one thing I loved about Hog Wild the most, it would have to be the turkey they will smoke for you on the holidays. But everything else is great as well." —mopar