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Frequently asked questions about registration on

If you're having trouble, please scan this list of frequently asked questions to see if we address your issue. If the answer you need is not here, please use our feedback form to contact us.

Why am I being asked to register?

Several reasons:

  • A better user experience. Your account is also your user profile. You can use it to manage your newsletter and advertising preferences. In fact, we've launched several new e-mail newsletters, including daily news headlines and breaking news alerts, that you can subscribe to once you register. Eventually, we expect you'll able to set preferences that customize the content in many parts of the site.
  • A better site. By learning a little more about our audience, we hope to build a more relevant and useful site. In addition, by requiring registration, we'll be better able to limit the access of users who violate's Terms of Use — for instance, by abusing our public comment boards. On Feb. 1, we began requiring commenters to sign in, and the system signs all comments with the user's user name.
  • Better advertising. Your experience on is free because our advertisers pay for it! Those advertisers are eager to know more about's audience so they can be sure they're reaching people who are interested in their products and services. In turn, we hope you'll find the advertising on site becoming more relevant and useful. We share audience information only in aggregate. We do not share any information that identifies you personally.
  • Full access. Soon, it won't be possible to view more than a handful of pages unless you are signed in. Certain features, such as story commenting and contests, are available only to site members. Be sure you don't miss anything.

What does membership cost?

There is no charge.

I've already registered to participate in discussion forums or to place classified ads online. Am I not already a member?

Discussion forums and classifieds are on separate systems, and those accounts are not the same as user registration. We are working toward a single sign-on system, but for now, you must create a separate account. You may be able to use the same username, but this isn't guaranteed. The sooner you register, the more likely it is that you'll secure the username of your choice.

How much information do I have to provide when I register?

Besides a username and password, the following information is required:

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your home and work ZIP codes
  • Your gender
  • Your year of birth
  • Whether you subscribe to The Wichita Eagle

Everything else is optional — helpful to us, but entirely up to you. The whole process takes just a minute or two.

I registered. Where is my confirmation e-mail?

The confirmation e-mail is not always sent instantly. After you register, you'll be automatically signed in and given full access to even without e-mail confirmation. However, you must click the link in your confirmation e-mail before you can sign in again.

If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, you can request a new one. Before doing that, ensure that mail from us isn't going to your junk e-mail folder. You may wish to add our domains (, and to your Safe Senders list.

What will you do with the information I provide?

Your personal information is not divulged to third parties. We use the information internally to inform our decisions about changes to the site. And we share aggregated data (never individuals' information!) with our advertisers, so they can know more about our audience. You can opt in to receive special, members-only offers from our advertisers. But even then, the offer will be relayed through; we won't share your e-mail address with them. You can read our complete privacy policy here.

Do I have to sign in every time I visit?

No. You are typically able to visit a few pages before you are asked to sign in. When you do sign in, you can click the checkbox that says, "Remember my log-in information on this computer," and then you'll always be logged in automatically when you visit.

The system says that an account using my e-mail address is already active. But I haven't registered. What is going on?

Are you a subscriber to our Midday Business Updates or Michael Pearce Outdoors e-mail newsletters? If so, we created a account for you so we could maintain your e-mail subscription without interruption. In late December, we sent you an e-mail with your username and password. Check your inbox and your junk e-mail folders for a message with the subject line "Your Account." If you need that information again, you may request it here by entering the e-mail address where you get your newsletters. Once you are able to sign in, you'll be asked to edit your account information. You must do so before you can use your new account.

If you have trouble with this, or if you are having this problem and you are not a newsletter subscriber, please contact us.

I've logged in using my new username and password, but the site won't let me leave the Member Center page. Why?

If we created your account for you, you must update your information before you can access the rest of Click the "Edit Your Member Information" link and fill in the required fields. You'll then be free to move about the site.

I'm logging in, but the site keeps asking me to log in again. Why?

Check your browser preferences to ensure that cookies are turned on. We must set a persistent cookie in your browser to keep you signed on. This is standard for membership Web sites.

Why isn't my child allowed to register on

The federal Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 requires us to have parental consent to collect personal information from children under age 13. We do not have a way to reliably do this, and so we limit registration to people 13 years old and older.

Will other users be able to see my e-mail address or information about me if I comment while I'm signed in?

Your e-mail address never appears to other members of the site. We do not share your personal information. Your username is automatically signed to any comments you make while on the site. Therefore, you may wish to choose a user name that protects your anonymity. In the future, it will be possible for you to create a public user profile, but this feature will be entirely optional.

I'm having an issue that is not covered by this FAQ. What should I do?

Please contact us using this form. We'll do everything we can to help.