Wichita man to be on ‘Let’s Make a Deal’

Craig Scribner dressed as George Washington for his “Let’s Make a Deal” appearance.
Craig Scribner dressed as George Washington for his “Let’s Make a Deal” appearance. Courtesy of Craig Scribner

When Craig Scribner’s name was called to be a contestant on the game show “Let’s Make a Deal” – where contestants are offered “deals” where they might win valuable prizes or get “zonked” – he said he “freaked out.”

“I did not go out there to be on a game show. … It was just a fluke thing that I ended up going.”

Scribner was in Los Angeles in June, doing client visits for his employer Revolution Talent Competition when he was invited by a co-worker to attend the show. He said people in the area get invited just to fill the studio audience.

“Anybody that’s anybody can go to ‘Let’s Make a Deal,’” said Scribner, who lives in west Wichita. “You just have to wear a costume and then show up at 9 o’clock that morning to start filling out the paperwork to be a contestant.” Scribner’s episode will air Friday at 2 p.m. on KWCH, Channel 12.

Members of the studio audience go through a screening process, where they get asked about their backgrounds, how they will act onstage and are sometimes asked to perform a gimmick or talent. This process determines whether the person becomes a contestant.

Scribner dressed up as George Washington, complete with a huge replica of a dollar bill that he stuck his head through. His co-worker and her husband were a lobster and fisherman.

Scribner’s believes his history as a performer, including work as a music teacher for 13 years, was a factor in him making it onto the show. Wayne Brady, the show’s host, asked him to sing.

“He (Brady) is very spontaneous, and he actually asked me to make up a song,” Scribner said. “It was kind of unique because I had to be on my toes and make something up just by listening to the music.”

Scribner said the entire experience was great because he got to do things he wouldn’t usually do – like singing a jazzy song for the “witty and charming” Brady. He said he’ll probably record the episode.

“I want to see if I made a complete idiot out of myself,” Scribner said. “The adrenaline just takes over, and you’re in the moment at the time.”