Comedian John Oliver will do the unspeakable to take down FIFA officials

Screenshot from video
Screenshot from video

Although FIFA is denying new allegations that its president was involved in a $10 million bribe, today, comedian John Oliver said its time for Sepp Blatter, its president, to go.

Oliver, who is British, is happy that his country is taking down FIFA. “It took the country that cares the least about football to take down the people that have been ruining it,” Oliver said. “That’s like Kesha taking down the people responsible for commodities fraud.”

Highlights of Oliver’s rant on HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” included: A FIFA cat with its own penthouse in the Trump Tower; a former FIFA official using an article from “The Onion” to accuse FIFA of hypocrisy; as well as Oliver promising to eat McDonald’s, wear Adidas and drink Budweiser products, if only those companies will use their clout to take down FIFA.

“Hotel sheets are like FIFA officials,” Oliver said. “They really should be clean but they’re actually unspeakably filthy and deep down everybody knows that.”

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