River Festival

The Medallion Hunt clues so far

Clue 5, released Thursday, May 7

In our syrupy forest he carved out his fame

In his other chore here, one wasn't the same

Faced with a big task, he embraced it with relish

A personal touch! That's how he'd embellish

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Clue 4, released Wednesday, May 6

Cox is 49, Dewey’s 900

Those are the numbers, in case you have wondered

If you know them, that’s great; you won’t be doomed

Didn’t repeat? Your learning is assumed

Bonus hint from KSN News:

Written by victors is what people say

Know what they mean? Then enter the fray

Clue 3, released Tuesday, May 5

Last actual hunt was 2000, and then we were through

We parked the medallion and we whispered adieu

We’re still whispering, but that’s all that’s the same

Believe it or not, those are clues to this game

Bonus hint from KSN News:

You’re Sherlock, not Watson; take your time, have fun

If you figure this out, then you’ve hit a home run

Clue 2, released Monday, May 4

The Magic City, you know, is where you should look

A grand prairie place that goes by the book

Finish this lyric, it won’t steer you wrong

The Camptown ladies, they sing this song

Bonus hint from KSN News:

Your mother once said that you will go far

Think mom was amiss, you might win a car

Clue 1, released Sunday, May 3

We’re virtual this year, we’ll say it once more

Defacing is bad, we’ll show you the door

Within a square meter, you must describe the spot

Fail to do that, carry home the prize you will not

Bonus hint from KSN News:

“Get Your Groove On,” we dig it. Hope you do, too

But dig for the medallion? You haven’t a clue

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