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Review: No reservations about Town and Country

The steak at Town and Country can compete with steaks at local fine-dining restaurants.
The steak at Town and Country can compete with steaks at local fine-dining restaurants. Wichita Eagle Dining Panel

Town and Country is one of those restaurants in Wichita that seems to have been around forever. It opened in 1958 and it appears to still be going strong as evidenced by the large crowds waiting to be seated on any given weekend morning.

The restaurant does not accept reservations, and several posted signs state that large parties will not be seated until all members are present. Staff members are adept at managing the crowds, and as they call the number of the next party to be served, there is a flurry of anxious diners double-checking their tickets as if lottery numbers were just announced. In fact, the overall ambiance of Town and Country is not unlike that of a Las Vegas coffee shop, with tufted black vinyl booths and a long lunch counter.

Breakfast at Town and Country is a treat, with the usual options available – chicken fried steak, eggs, pancakes and the most delicious cinnamon rolls in town. These breakfast rolls ($1.75) are served on an enormous dinner plate and are large enough for two people to share.

Off the dinner menu, we sampled the grilled chicken breast ($8.95), a 10-ounce sirloin steak ($13.95), and grilled shrimp ($8.95), all prepared perfectly. In fact, the steak could proudly compete with any steak served at any of the finer dining establishments in Wichita. We also had the meatloaf ($8.50), which we requested seared on the mesquite grill – something the restaurant will do at no extra charge. All of our dinner meals came with our choice of salad, soup, potato and vegetable.

Town and Country has a full bar available. We tasted the Long Island Iced Tea ($5.50), which our attentive bartender assured us the restaurant is famous for. The group I was dining with agreed that this drink is indeed one of the best served in Wichita.