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B&C Barbeque a lunch-time must

A true fan of B&C Creations, now known just as B&C Barbeque, can remember dodging shelves of antiques, custom metal works and local paintings on the way to the barbecue buffet.

These days, the setting is as pure as the food: really good barbecue and no frills. Not even country crafts.

I am one of those true fans and found that the antiques that once populated part of the restaurant made the rustic experience endearing. But if I had to choose, I’m glad B&C ditched the vintage wares and stuck to the grub.

Even as a true fan, though, I had no idea I’d been missing out on one of the best lunch deals in town. I’d always dined in and made at least, somewhat regrettably, two trips through the buffet line.

On a recent time-crunched scramble to grab lunch, I inquired about to-go options. It’s now my default lunch choice, since my office is just two blocks away.

Those who dine in get access to the buffet and a drink for $11.50, including tax. If you can’t stick around, you get two sides plus as much meat as you like for $8.99 per pound. So the half-pound of chicken and pulled pork I served myself came out to $4.98 – and I got a salad and potato salad.

Not only is the barbecue some of my favorite in Wichita, but the lunch was a steal. Whether time-crunched, trying to control portions or wanting to get the most out of a $5 bill, B&C Barbeque is the place to go.

The B&C experience starts with one of my favorite features, the bread bucket. I don’t know if that’s the formal name, but it’s an industrial plastic tub filled with stacks of various sandwich bread. Use the tongs and take your pick.

Then you get your choice from a classic American salad bar spread. Options include an iceberg lettuce mix with carrots that you can top with chopped tomatoes, cucumber slices, croutons, bacon bits, cheddar cheese, green peppers, red onions and a variety of dressings.

Standard yellow mustard potato salad, basic coleslaw and piping hot and thick baked beans are next on the line – all tasty and excellent complements to the meat. Fill your plate with as much hot links, ribs, brisket, pulled pork, chicken and now thinly sliced pork tenderloin as you want. It’s all smoked on site and isn’t overpowered with a bunch of seasonings and spices. I think it’s one of the few barbecue places in town that lets the natural flavor of the meat shine.

I really enjoyed the recent addition of the pork tenderloin and wish I’d taken a few more pieces. The pulled pork is always a winner, and I get as much as I can possibly stand. I always get a piece of chicken, too, which is tender and delicious.

The hot sauce has good flavor with a bit of a tingle in the bite. It’s not for those who find ketchup too spicy, but it’s not going to light any fires in your mouth either. The mild is my go-to – sweet and perfect on everything.

If you’re anywhere near Old Town at lunch during the week, stop at the corner of Second and Washington and get your barbecue to go at B&C Barbeque. You’ll be more than full, satisfied, and if you pick up the tab for a few friends, it won’t break your piggy bank.