Dining With Denise Neil

Groundhog Day dining specials help ease the six-more-weeks-of-winter blues

Sonic footlongs are half-price today.
Sonic footlongs are half-price today.

I’m sorry to report that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today, meaning we are facing six more weeks of winter.

But there is a Groundhog Day silver lining. Several local restaurants are offering food specials today.

Sonic Drive-In is offering half-price foot-long hotdogs all day today in honor of Groundhog Day. Also, Jimmie’s Diner will be giving free pancakes to customers who make another purchase. The offer is good all day at both Wichita Jimmie’s Diners: 3111 N. Rock Road and 1519 George Washington Blvd.

This isn’t necessarily Groundhog Day-related, but all this month, local Chick-fil-A restaurants are distributing free coffee. The chain is promoting its THRIVE Farmers Coffee and will give customers hot or iced coffee all day throughout February. No purchase is required.