Dining With Denise Neil

Feeling the Brexit blues? Mumbai Rail Bistro has British snacks galore

If all this Brexit news out of England is making you hungry, a downtown Wichita restaurant has the perfect snacks.

The Mumbai Rail Indian Bistro, the new Indian restaurant in downtown Wichita, also stocks a good variety of British cookies, chocolates and other treats on a shelf near the register.

England has a huge Indian population (it’s the largest minority population there) and many Indians have grown to love the country’s most popular snacks, including “biscuits,” which are actually cookies, made by a company called McVitie’s. Mumbai Rail stocks several of McVitie’s most popular varieties, including Digestives (cookies with a chocolate backing), Hobnobs (a more oat-y Digestive) and GingerNuts (similar to a gingersnap.) The cookies are all packaged in plastic in a tube-shape.

I also spotted some Auntie’s Sticky Toffee Puddings, steamed desserts that are like a soft sponge cake, as well as Parle-G brand biscuits. Mumbai Rail also carries one of England’s most popular candy bars: Cadbury Flake, a milk chocolate bar that’s sort of ribboned, thinly folded and crumbly, as well as other mainstay British candy bars, including Milkybar, Crunchie, Mars, Bounty and Cadbury Roses.

Also in stock are several traditional Indian products: bags of nylon sev (small pieces of crunchy noodle), tea rusk (a dry Indian toast), gathiya (fried snacks made from chickpea flour), roasted chana (chickpeas), plantain chips and jeera khari (cumin puffs.)

Mumbai Rail is at 711 E. Douglas, in the new Union Station development. It’s open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.