Dining With Denise Neil

Look for ‘50 Wichita Restaurants You Should Try’ guide in weekend papers

A special treat for Wichita foodies will be included in this weekend’s Wichita Eagle.

It’s a glossy color guide called Dining With Denise: 50 Wichita Restaurants You Should Try.” It includes my picks of 50 Wichita restaurants in 11 categories (upscale, Mexican, Mediterranean, food truck, etc.) that you ought to visit if you haven’t already. The list wasn’t easy to compile: I think Wichita has far more than 50 restaurants you ought to try. But I did my best to make a helpful list that should serve both locals and out-of-town visitors.

The guide, which is full of hunger-inducing color photos, will be inside papers delivered on Sunday. They’ll also be included with single copies sold on Saturday and Sunday in the Wichita area. Sometime later this summer, the Eagle will place them on free racks around town.

Be sure to find a copy this weekend to see whether I included your favorite restaurant.