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Alton Brown’s latest list includes Wichita, too

Celebrity chef Alton Brown really liked Nifty Nuthouse.
Celebrity chef Alton Brown really liked Nifty Nuthouse.

I’m starting to think that Alton Brown really enjoyed his time in Wichita in late October.

Just a couple of weeks ago, he published on his blog his list of top coffee shops he visited while on his recent tour, and two Wichita coffee shops -- Reverie Coffee Roasters and Espresso to Go Go --made the list.

Now he’s published another list, and Wichita’s on that one, too.

This time, he’s talking “top stores and snacks,” and Nifty Nut House, which Brown raved about from the stage at Century II, is at No. 2.

Here’s what he wrote about the nut and candy store, which is at 537 N. St. Francis:

“I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. This place is a national treasure. It’s nuts. Absolutely crazy. I walked into a store that housed enough nuts and candy to fill an airplane hangar. Literally. They had every nut covered or dusted in everything imaginable. They also stock candies I haven’t seen on shelves in years. The staff was so friendly. And let me add this. It’s nice to walk into a shop and have the ability to try what you’re about to buy. I left the store stuffed-by-samples.”

I wonder how many more love letters to Wichita Brown has left in him. Let’s see... he also visited Old Mill Tasty Shop. Perhaps an ode to the best soda fountains? He went to Tanya’s Soup Kitchen. How about a guide to the best bisques?

I’ll let you know if it happens.

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