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East-side Pizza Hut closes, leases building, plans to relocate

There’s no more Pizza Hut pizza at Kellogg and Greenwich.
There’s no more Pizza Hut pizza at Kellogg and Greenwich. Courtesy

East-siders may have noticed that the signs have disappeared from the Pizza Hut building that’s operated since 2006 in the big shopping development at Kellogg and Greenwich.

The restaurant closed on Aug. 5, said Kim Money, the director of marketing for Fugate Enterprises, the company that owns all the local Pizza Hut franchises. But the company plans to relocate it somewhere in the area, probably within the next three to four months.

The location on busy East Kellogg was never ideal, Money said, and it was difficult to get deliveries out. The company had the opportunity to lease the building to another business (sorry – not a restaurant) so they took it, she said.

That Pizza Hut, whose official address was 11747 E. Kellogg, originally opened as a Pizza Hut Italian Bistro, a more upscale version of Pizza Hut with additional menu items. Pizza Hut eventually abandoned that concept but kept the signage and continued operating the restaurants as regular Pizza Huts, Money said.

Those who ordered pizza from that location and call there will be automatically redirected to another Pizza Hut store in the area. There are nearby Pizza Huts at 1885 S. Rock Road and 8139 E. Central.