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Next year’s Midwest Beerfest will be a nighttime event

Next year’s Midwest Beerfest Grand Tasting will be at night.
Next year’s Midwest Beerfest Grand Tasting will be at night. File photo

The Midwest Beerfest’s grand tasting, where people are invited to sample from a collection of hundreds of beers, has always been in the afternoon.

But next year, to mark the event’s 15th birthday, organizers will move the grand tasting to the evening. They already have a date, too: Oct. 3.

“We’re going to move it to a nighttime event and make it even bigger and better,” said Guy Bower, a local beer and wine expert who started the event. “We have been talking about it for a couple of years now.”

That means that Saturday’s grand tasting, which lasts from 1 to 4 p.m. at Century II, will likely be the last daytime tasting.

The Midwest Winefest made the same move in 2008, relocating its grand tasting from early afternoon to early evening.

We’re working on a story detailing the many changes happening at this year’s Midwest Beerfest. It will be posted on Kansas.com by Wednesday and will be printed in the Go! section on Friday.

In the meantime, $40 tickets are available by calling 316-219-4849 or at www.wichitatix.com