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Churn & Burn has moved – but not far

Churn & Burn has more than doubled its size and added a patio by moving a few doors down.
Churn & Burn has more than doubled its size and added a patio by moving a few doors down. Churn & Burn

It’s a good problem to have: so much business that it won’t all fit in your store.

Local ice cream purveyors Christian and Jamee Shomberg faced that fortunate problem less than a year after opening their Churn & Burn ice cream shop at 556 S. Oliver. The couple serves whimsical ice cream and coffee creations made using liquid nitrogen, and for months now, lines have frequently snaked out the door of their 700 square-foot shop, which was too small to have even a restroom.

But the couple solved that problem two weeks ago when they moved the shop to a vacant space just a couple of doors down in the same strip center. Churn & Burn now is at 548 S. Oliver in the spot that until the mid-1990s held a Baskin Robbins. It also had been home to a shoe store and a cake shop.

The Shombergs have more than doubled their space, doubled their seating, added restrooms and also gained outdoor space for a patio.

They made the move on a Monday, when Churn & Burn is normally closed. They replicated the decor in the new space and transferred all the Joyland memorabilia hanging in the old store to the new space, too. They even had room to add a few more Joyland pieces from their collection.

The couple also extended Churn & Burn’s hours and now stay open until 10 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays. When cold weather arrives, Christian said, they’ll likely shorten the evening hours and open earlier to serve coffee.

They’ve also added a third size – a medium – to their lineup. Previously they served only smalls and larges. And they’re experimenting with the menu. Within a week or so, they’ll add Italian sodas, and Christian says he’ll be making some other additions soon.

For more information on Churn & Burn, call 316-425-7766.