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Endless pasta and a ‘doughnut buffet:’ Two decadent new deals being offered in Wichita

If you’re feeling extra skinny lately, two Wichita restaurants have a cure for that.

Over the past week, a couple of locally owned Wichita restaurants have come up with some glutenous offers that are both pretty good deals if you’re someone who loves pasta or doughnuts or both.

One is a tantalizingly titled Doughnut Buffet at The Dapper Doughnut, the mini doughnut shop selling mini doughnuts that opened last December in one of the kiosks at Union Station, 701 E. Douglas. From 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, doughnut fans will be able to eat as many mini doughnuts as they want for $5 a person. Kids under 3 can eat for free.

The owners say they aren’t sure if the buffet will become a regular occurrence, especially since their tiny shop has no indoor seating. They want to see how Saturday goes. But they’re open to the idea of offering it again.

If that’s not enough carbs for you, later in the weekend you can head to Oak & Pie, the pizza and pasta restaurant at 2244 N. Greenwich that recently introduced an “Endless Pasta” deal.

It’s offered every Sunday and Monday and allows customers who order chicken Alfredo, spaghetti and meatballs or meat lasagna the chance to pay for a $5 upgrade and continue eating until they can eat no more. And if you want to switch between dishes, that’s allowed.

The deal is good for dine-in customers only.

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