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There's been a misunderstanding: The Anchor is open for business

The Anchor is open. When it's time for the big remodel, we'll let you know.
The Anchor is open. When it's time for the big remodel, we'll let you know.

There's been a misunderstanding here.

The Anchor — Wichita's favorite go-to bar downtown at 1109 E. Douglas — is still open.

If you read just the headline on my story, which was published on Dining with Denise on May 9, you missed the vital information contained in the story, including the fact that owner Schane Gross doesn't know exactly when she will close for a big remodel that will result in a relocated bar, a lowered middle wall, new restrooms, an expanded kitchen and more.

The problem is, she said, people seem to think The Anchor is already closed. She said she's getting several calls a day from people asking whether the bar is open for business.

It is.

Even when Gross eventually starts the remodel and closes the bar for several weeks, she plans to temporarily relocate The Anchor to her new space around the corner at 151 S. Laura, which she's turning into an event space that she'll call Anchor 151.

Never fear. When the remodel does start, I'll let you know. Gross doesn't have a date yet but is hoping to have everything complete by Sept. 30 so she can be ready for fall, historically her busiest time, she said.

In the meantime, just to review: The Anchor is open.

Order your Haystack, dip your homemade chips in homemade French onion dip, order a beer and carry on.

(FILE VIDEO -- AUGUST 25, 2016) Schane Gross, owner of The Anchor, The Chop Shop and Fork and Fennel, talks about her three favorite restaurants to eat at when she's not eating at her own.

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