Dining With Denise Neil

See the commercial starring Shocker seniors before it starts airing

The television commercial that the six Shocker seniors filmed late last month is ready to air, and viewers of local networks will start seeing it on the air on Tuesday.

But you don't have to wait. We have the finished product right here.

The spot, filmed late on a Tuesday evening at the Carlos O' Kelly's restaurant at Ridge and Kellogg, stars the six graduating members of the Wichita State University men's basketball team: Shaquille Morris, Conner Frankamp, Rashard Kelly, Zach Brown, Rauno Nurger and Darral Willis.

Filming a queso commercial has become a rite of passage for Shocker basketball graduates, who are free to start capitalizing on their fame once their eligibility is up. It started back in 2016, when executives with the Wichita-based Mexican restaurant chain hired then-seniors Ron Baker, Fred VanVleet and Evan Wessel. Another installment was filmed last year with fan favorites Zach Bush and John Robert Simon. (Sorry, Landry Shamet, looks like you missed your chance.)

All six of the guys show some pretty solid acting skills in the spot, but the Oscar goes to Morris, who delivers a persuasive performance of an intimidatingly large diner who will eat his queso when he wants, how he wants.

Who do you think is the star of this spot?

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