Dining With Denise Neil

You have a few hours to visit this popular Wichita hangout, then it’s gone forever

As I type this, the original Reverie Coffee Roasters spot at 2611 E. Douglas has less than four hours left, and then it’ll be gone forever.

Owner Andrew Gough will be closing the store, which he originally opened in 2013, at 6 p.m. After that, he and his staff will start the process of moving the shop’s contents to a fancy new spot at 2202 E. Douglas, just four blocks to the west. The new shop, which will include food service, a full bar and a bakery, will open on Friday.

Though he’s excited about the move (details of which I reported here), Gough has admitted it’ll be hard to say goodbye to the original spot. He and his staff have been posting emotional tributes for the past 24 hours or so.

In his Facebook post, Gough wrote that he was surprised to realize how much he’d miss the old spot.

“While this process has been slow in practice, it’s come on way fast at the end and I’m starting to feel uneasy about leaving behind what has given me, my family and the staff we call our family, a place of refuge, a place to connect and a place to make a living.”

I also have several fond memories from the “OG” Reverie space. I stood out front and drank coffee last fall as my husband competed in his first marathon, which went right past the shop. I also had fun judging a latte art contest there once, and I’ll never forget the day the shop temporarily turned into Luke’s Diner from “The Gilmore Girls” to celebrate the popular show’s revival. The line to get in was around the block.

Farewell, old Reverie.

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