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West Street is getting its Taco Tico back

It was a Taco Tico until 2013, when the state seized it from former owner Ajax International Group for nonpayment of taxes.

Then, the building at 460 N. West Street became one of many sad Taco Tico buildings sitting vacant around town.

It reopened briefly as Angkor Donuts in 2015, and chicken place El Pollo Dorado eyed the spot for a while

But in the end, the building is going back to its taco roots.

By March, the former Taco Tico will be a Taco Tico yet again. It looks like the people who reopened the Taco Tico at 13th and Tyler in 2014 plan to give the same treatment to the spot on West Street.

According to a post on Facebook, the West Street Taco Tico should be ready by March.

Owners were posting pictures of the remodel in progress on Friday afternoon and had even put some old benches and chairs outside and encouraged people to come take them away.

The owners also are taking applications for people who want to work at the West Street store and say that potential employees can bring applications to the Taco Ticos at 1303 N. Tyler and at 125 N. Baltimore in Derby.

Stay tuned for more information.

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