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A sneak peek of the new Augustino Brewing Company, which serves food, beer and coffee

He’s been a home brewer for years and years. But now, local beer maker Augustine Iacopelli has his own brewery – and it’s a restaurant and coffee shop, too.

On Saturday, the new Augustino Brewing Company will officially open near the northeast corner of Central and Tyler in the spaces that previously held Kababs and Panna Bread and Red Mesa Grill before that.

Though opening day is Saturday, Iacopelli and his co-owners – wife Bianca along with partners Geoff and Kara Finn – have been opening for practice runs all week. My husband and friends attended one last weekend (I couldn’t stay because of kid obligations) and said they liked the beer, fish and chips and Bavarian pretzel sticks they sampled. You can see what everything looks like by watching the video we produced.

Augustino Brewing Company has a big menu co-created by the restaurant’s chef, Marcus Harper, who has worked at restaurants all over Wichita. It includes burgers and sandwiches, plus appetizers like fondue and brisket nachos.

The brewery will serve only craft beers made by Augustine and Geoff – another longtime home brewer who has experience brewing for Walnut River Brewing in El Dorado.

“We’ve got beers for just about everybody who’s a beer lover out there, all the way from Continental Lager on kind of the light side, and on the deep dark side of things we have an Imperial Dove Stout that’s going to be our darkest, heaviest beer,” Augustine said.

Another twist: Augustino Brewing Company also has a coffee bar that serves a full line of coffee drinks.

Getting all the licensing for both a restaurant and a brewery took longer and was more complicated than he expected, said Augustine, who first announced his plans in 2016.

“But I like a challenge, so I enjoyed it,” he said.

Hours of the brewery, at 756 N. Tyler, will be 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays and 9 a.m. to midnight Fridays and Saturdays. For more information, call 316-721-5554.

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