Dining With Denise Neil

The Monarch mashes up Frito Chili Pie and a pizza

Wichita Brewing Company’s pizza-a-month contest/promotion is getting close to the end, and with only three to go before the year’s up, The Monarch is getting its turn.

Owner Jen Ray and her crew invented the pizza for October, and it’s a Fritos Chili Pie pizza topped with the restaurant’s chili plus onions, beans and white cheddar. Once it’s out of the oven, the pizza gets a sprinkle of Fritos corn chips and a sour cream drizzle.

The pizza-a-month contest was dreamed up by WBC co-owner Greg Gifford, who at the beginning of the year invited me and 11 local restaurateurs to invent a pizza that he’d serve at both Wichita Brewing Company restaurants, 8815 W. 13th St. and 535 N. Woodlawn, throughout 2017.

The restaurants participating in the promotion all have owners who are supporters of WBC and/or have WBC craft beer on tap. Whichever pizza has the highest sales at the end of the year wins. The prize is a party at the WBC production facility, complete with beer, for the winner and his or her staff.

The pizza made by the Monarch, a hip bar and restaurant at 579 W. Douglas in Delano, will be on sale through the end of the month.

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