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That was a close one: Favorite Wichita burger restaurant will reopen

Jack’s Coffee Shop is saved.

Earlier this week, I told you that Wichita’s most hole-in-the-wall burger restaurant at 6154 S. Hydraulic had closed because cook Donna Collins was having health problems and could no longer come to work.

Now, owner Shirley Coleman appears to have found a work-around. Her daughter has agreed to fill in as cook.

The restaurant could reopen as early as next week, and that should make local burger fans happy. Many responded to news of the closure with despair, and a few even offered to come cook the burgers themselves if that’s what it would take to save Jack’s.

Jack’s is a beyond no-frills spot that serves oval-shaped burgers (but no coffee), and has long been a favorite of local burger aficionados in-the-know. It’s been closed since Sunday.

The restaurant has a simple menu – burgers, chips and “Coke” – and the interior is as no-frills as the exterior. But people love the well-seasoned, unusually shaped cheeseburgers. Jack’s tops favorite lists of many of Wichita’s most experienced burger eaters.

I’ll keep you posted.

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