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It’s machete day at Taco Fajita, and that’s all they’re selling

It’s machete day.

Last week, I wrote about a popular and dramatic dish at local restaurant Taco Fajita at 1004 S. Meridian. It’s called the machete, and it’s a massive quesadilla-type dish that’s 2 feet long and stuffed with cheese, onions, peppers and meat of choice. Machetes are a popular dish in Mexico City, where owners Alex and Margarita Avila are from. In fact, Taco Fajita’s menu is full of Mexico City-style specialties.

All day today (Tuesday, Oct. 3) the owners are selling machetes and only machetes. They’re $9.95, and they’re enough food for two or even three people.

Taco Fajita is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. today.

On Wednesday, which is National Taco Day, Taco Fajita is offering a deal on its $1 tacos: Buy five and get one free.

For more information, call 316-803-7751.

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