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Legendary Wichita burger restaurant has closed its doors

Jack’s Coffee Shop – the rundown but beloved burger restaurant at 6154 S. Hydraulic – has closed.

The restaurant, a beyond no-frills spot that served oval-shaped burgers (but no coffee), was a favorite of local burger aficionados in-the-know. On Sunday, a post on the restaurant's Facebook page read that Jack’s was closed as of Oct. 1. A hand-written sign posted in the restaurant window confirmed the news.

The restaurant's cook responded to a message on Facebook on Monday morning saying that she was having medical problems and could no longer work but that that the owner may reopen the restaurant when she finds another cook. I'm trying to reach her now.

Jack’s had a simple menu – burgers, chips and “Coke” – and the interior was as no-frills as the exterior. But people loved the well-seasoned, unusually shaped cheeseburgers. Jack’s topped favorite lists of many of Wichita’s most experienced burger eaters.

“The amount of sad I feel is almost unparalleled,” wrote fan Bill Ramsey on the Facebook post.

I have heard about and written about Jack’s for years but am ashamed to say I never ventured out there. I had just made a verbal date with my friend and fellow foodie, Joe Stumpe, a few weeks ago to finally try Jack’s.

I’ll let you know if I learn any more details.

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