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No longer on the menu at this downtown Wichita restaurant: Food

Mumbai Rail is now a cocktail lounge and catering venue.
Mumbai Rail is now a cocktail lounge and catering venue. The Wichita Eagle

Over the past couple of months, Mumbai Rail’s owners have changed their minds several times. And now, they’ve changed them again.

The bottom line: Don’t plan to dine at the restaurant in Union Station, 711 E. Douglas, any time soon.

Back in April, the restaurant;s owners Neil Bhakta and Mikel Bowyer said they planned to close their restaurant and retool it, aiming for a June re-opening. A week later, they decided they’d remain open after all, saying their customers had protested and asked them to reconsider.

Things have changed again. Now, the restaurant is operating just as a cocktail lounge, open only in the evenings. It also does catering. Its new name, according to its Facebook page, is The Mumbai Rail Scratch Cocktails and Catering.

Bowyer responded to a message by saying that he and his wife are working on an appetizer menu but for now want to operate just as a cocktail lounge. Once they’ve made a transition to their new business model – a lounge, gallery, small event venue and catering service – they’ll make an official announcement.

I did not hear back from Bhakta, the restaurant’s founder.

The hours are now 4 p.m. to midnight Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Mumbai Rail first opened last May, closing down almost immediately to reevaluate its processes then reopening a week later.

I’ll let you know if I get more details.