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New craft brewery chooses a home on Wichita’s west side

The Wichita Eagle

Augustino Brewing Company has found its future home.

Longtime home brewer Augustine Iacopelli, who announced in in February 2016 that he planned to open his own brewery on the west side, has since then added partners and chosen a space.

The brewery will open in the former Kababs and Panna Bread spaces at 756 N. Tyler Road, near the corner of Central and Tyler. Red Mesa Grill also had formerly occupied the space.

The brewery, which will also include a restaurant and a coffee shop, should be open by the end of the year, Iacopelli said.

“We’re hoping sometime during the fall,” he said. “Thought we realize it’s a possibility that we’re going to hit snags we can’t see right now.”

Since announcing his plan, Iacopelli and his wife, Bianca, have taken on Geoff and Kara Finn as partners. Geoff is another longtime home brewer who has brewed specialty beers for Walnut River Brewing in El Dorado.

Geoff always wanted to open a brewery too, he said, and almost did a few years back. But the deal fell through at the last minute. He met Iacopelli in a local home brewer’s group and the two decided to go it together.

The new brewery will have a seven-barrel system, which will be set up in the back and will be visible to patrons. The bar area will be set up where Kababs once operated and the restaurant will be on the Panna Bread side. The owners said they don’t want to reveal too much about the menu yet but say it will definitely include burgers.

Augustino’s will likely open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and will offer specialty coffee in the mornings.

The partners are working with LuanchPrep, a partnership between the e2e Accelerator and Wichita State University’s Center for Entrepreneurship, to get the business running. The program partners developing companies with mentors from the entrepreneur community.

Stay tuned for updates as Augustino’s construction progresses.

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