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River City beer vandals come forward after being caught on video

The two men caught on surveillance video leaving a tap running at River City Brewing Co. have come forward.
The two men caught on surveillance video leaving a tap running at River City Brewing Co. have come forward.

The two men who were caught on surveillance video Friday opening a tap at an unattended Old Town bar, causing it to lose $682 worth of beer, have come forward.

River City Brewing Co. owner Chris Arnold, who on Monday posted the video of the men in action, said he heard from one of them on Monday afternoon and from the family of the other on Monday evening.

The first man apologized, admitted he’d made a mistake and paid the tab for his half of the wasted beer. Arnold then heard from the family of the second man, who said that if he did not get in touch with Arnold and pay his half, they would.

Arnold said both men were from out of town. He was satisfied with the outcome, so he removed the video from River City’s Facebook page.

“It was kind of what we thought,” Arnold said of his conversation with the first man, the one who had the camera in his hand in the video. “They didn’t intend to leave the tap open. He said, ‘What we were doing wasn’t right. We were going to pour the beer and chug it.’ But he paid, and I said, ‘That’s cool. “You owned it. You made it right. You just made a poor choice.”

The video, which was shared all over social media on Monday, was captured after last call on Friday night, when two men leaving the upstairs section of River City, the night club known as The Loft, noticed that the already-closed downstairs bar was unattended. They turned a tap on and filled a glass, then departed, leaving the tap running. One of the men took a video of his buddy in action.

Bar managers later found the keg, which had contained about 120 pints, empty and beer all over the floor. It had been full of the brewery’s last keg of Leopold Bros. Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter, a customer favorite that the brewery makes only once a year.

Arnold had said on Monday that all would be forgiven if the men owned up for their antics and paid the tab. Just because the men made a bad decision after a night of partying doesn’t mean they’re bad people, he said. He felt it was the right decision to remove the video.

“I don’t know that they intended to dump all that beer,” Arnold said. “Unfortunately, that choice cost them a lot of money.”