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After a long bagel drought, Wichita getting a new bagel shop

Bagel Haus will open at 13th and Tyler in late summer.
Bagel Haus will open at 13th and Tyler in late summer.

Wichita hasn’t had a proper bagel shop since the early 2000s, when New York Bagel turned into Manhattan Bagel then disappeared completely.

These days, those who aren’t carb-hostile can still get a bagel in Wichita, but Panera is about the only non-grocery store vendor.

That will change this summer when Haley Guthrie opens Bagel Haus at the under-construction Tyler Pointe development at 13th and Tyler. She’s signed a deal to take over an end-cap spot in the new center and said she’d likely be open sometime in August.

Guthrie, who moved from south Texas to Wichita for an accounting job three and a half years ago, said she had trouble finding what she considered to be a decent bagel.

“Being new to Wichita, I saw that there was possibly a need,” she said. “I knew that I couldn’t find a bagel that I desired myself, so one day, I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll try to make them myself and see if I can make what I’m dreaming of.’”

She started experimenting with recipes on her own and developed a bagel she liked – a New York-style that’s boiled before baking for extra chewiness. Guthrie started selling her bagels at the Kansas Grown Farmers Market at 21st and Ridge Road two summers ago and developed a following.

She decided to open her own shop.

Guthrie said she’ll serve bagel sandwiches both at breakfast and lunch as well as bagels with various cream cheese flavors and toppings. She’ll serve more than a dozen varieties, with flavors like everything, plain, blueberry and chocolate chip. She also makes a few interesting specialty bagels, including a green-hued spinach bagel and a bright-pink beet bagel.

Bagel Haus will have a drive-through and lots of seating indoors and outdoors. It’ll also have a full coffee bar with specialty coffee drinks.

Guthrie also will be back at the Kansas Grown Farmers Market when it opens for the season on April 1.

Stay tuned for more information about the Bagel Haus opening.