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Little Lion Ice Cream expanding, is closer to opening its own shop

Little Lion Ice Cream has a new partner: Luciano’s in Mulvane.
Little Lion Ice Cream has a new partner: Luciano’s in Mulvane.

It’s been almost a year since Jubilee and Ian Miller launched their homemade ice cream business, Little Lion Ice Cream.

Since then, the couple has rapidly expanded the business, starting off selling scoops out of their mobile cart at community events then getting pints of their ice cream stocked on the freezer shelves at various retailers.

Now, the Millers say they’ve settled on a spot to open up the brick-and-mortar shop they’ve planned from the beginning. They can’t say where yet, but they plan to have it open within the year.

In the meantime, they’ve doubled their mobile fleet. They’ve just purchased a second mobile cart so that they can serve at two places at once over the summer. They’ll be regulars at the Old Town Farmers Market, and they’ve also just partnered with Luciano’s, the Italian restaurant in Mulvane, which has started selling Little Lion pints and single scoops.

Fans also can find Little Lion’s ice cream in stock at a variety of places. Reverie Coffee Roasters at 2611 E. Douglas sells scoops. Espresso to Go Go’s two locations and the FarmShop at 1136 N. Bitting also serve pints as well as scoops.

Little Lion sets up by Songbird Juice Co. at 1142 N. Bitting once a month. They’re usually at Shiftspace at 416 S. Commerce on Final Fridays. And they are regular participants at The Workroom’s Second Saturday markets and are already planning to be there for The Workroom’s anniversary party on April 15.

Keep track of Little Lion’s progress and plans on its Facebook page and at Dining with Denise.