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Who bakes Wichita’s best cinnamon roll? Help me make a list

Who makes Wichita’s best cinnamon rolls? Please help me make a list.
Who makes Wichita’s best cinnamon rolls? Please help me make a list. MCT

Sometimes they’re too dry. Sometimes they’re too goopy.

Sometimes they’re too small. Sometimes they’re too big.

On second thought, nah. They’re never too big.

Recently, reader Jesse Juma sent me a message via my Facebook page, Dining with Denise. He’s in search of Wichita’s best cinnamon roll, and he wondered if I had ever written a story on the topic.

Ever since, I can’t stop thinking about cinnamon rolls.

The best ones I ever had were in the lunchroom of Sacred Heart Cathedral School in Dodge City. The lunch ladies of the 1980s were some serious epicureans, and I wish I could adequately describe the homemade goodness they produced each day in our school cafeteria. Their homemade cinnamon rolls were one of their best creations. They weren’t too bready, and the cinnamon was evenly distributed within. The interior was sticky and buttery, and the top had a perfect coating of sugary glaze. Few cinnamon rolls I’ve tried since have compared.

But I know there are some good ones out there.

If you know of an amazing cinnamon roll produced in a Wichita restaurant or bakery, let me know. Send me an e-mail at dneil@wichitaeagle.com or post your vote on my Facebook page. Be sure to tell me where I can find this dreamy cinnamon roll and what you think is so good about it.

I’ll compile a list, check them out and then share the results.