Dining With Denise Neil

Guess which Wichita restaurants these pics come from, win $100 prize

Find our restaurant quiz at Kansas.com/dining.
Find our restaurant quiz at Kansas.com/dining. The Wichita Eagle

In our hunger-induced frenzy, we often push our way into local restaurants and coffee shops, desperate for a seat and a bite.

When we do, we miss the little things – the funky “open” sign, the retro stone facade, the glass-block wall that the restaurant owner so painstakingly planned when designing her business.

But I think about restaurants a lot, so I notice these things. And now, I’m offering the chance for you to win a $100 gift certificate if you do the same.

Inspired by the above-mentioned retro stone facade I noticed one morning at a downtown restaurant, I decided to put together a photographic Wichita restaurant quiz.

I’ve snapped tight details photos at 10 Wichita restaurants and coffee shops, and I want you to guess where each one is. To make it easier, I chose only downtown restaurants that were within the boundaries of Kellogg to the south, Waco to the west, Central to the north and Washington to the east.

Click here to start the quiz.

Most of the photos came from the restaurants’ exteriors, so if you’re stumped, you grab the Sunday paper, where all the pictures are printed, and drive around downtown looking for them. A couple of the pictures came from inside the restaurants, but they’re either highly recognizable or have clues, if you look close enough, about where they might be.

You can take the quiz as times as you want. Those with the highest scores will be entered into a drawing, and one winner will randomly be chosen to receive a $100 gift card.

The quiz is up now, and you have until midnight on March 19 to complete it. Later this month, I’ll give you the answers to the quiz at Dining with Denise.

Load up the kids. Park downtown. Walk around and search out the clues.

And stop for a meal – and admire the architecture – while you’re at it.

Contest rules

The quiz will be open until midnight on March 19. Those with the highest scores will be entered in a drawing to win the prize, a $100 gift card.

Only residents of Kansas can enter.

You can enter more than once.

Players must be 13 or older.

Employees of the Wichita Eagle and their family members cannot participate.

Questions? E-mail dneil@wichitaeagle.com