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Here’s what we thought of the new S’mores-flavored Girl Scout Cookie

The new Girl Scouts S’mores Cookie attempts to recreate the campfire favorite.
The new Girl Scouts S’mores Cookie attempts to recreate the campfire favorite. The Wichita Eagle

Clean out the cookie jar. In just a few hours, Girl Scouts will start appearing on your doorsteps and in your workplaces tempting you with boxes of cookies.

Girl Scout Cookie sales officially start on Saturday in Wichita, and this year, they’re hawking a new flavor.

It’s called Girl Scout S’mores, and it's an ode to the famous snack that’s always present around Girl Scout campfires.

Two versions of the cookie are circulating in the states, but Kansas got the one made by ABC Bakery that’s a square graham cracker dipped in white icing then coated with chocolate. (The S’mores version being sold in other parts of the country is a sandwich cookie with a layer of chocolate and marshmallow smushed inside.)

The Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland dropped a package off for me to sample early, and the cookie is in fact delicious. It is not, however, all that S’mores-ish. The layer of icing is virtually undetectable, both to the eye and to the palate, so the marshmallow flavor and chew of a traditional S’more is glaringly absent.

However, if you – like me – grew up with a mom who smeared leftover jarred chocolate cake icing on a graham cracker and served it as a snack, you’ll love this new cookie. And I might suggest a time saver: Roast up a marshmallow over a campfire then smush it between two of these cookies.

I recently asked my colleagues to taste and tell. Watch my accompanying video to see what they thought of the new cookie.

And FYI: The other flavors available this year will be the Shortbreads, Caramel deLites, Lemonades, gluten-free Trios, Peanut Butter Patties, Thanks-A-Lots, Thin Mints and Peanut Butter sandwiches. The cookies cost $4 a box and will be on sale through March 19.

On the off chance a Girl Scout doesn’t find you and you want cookies, enter your zip code at kansasgirlscouts.org or call 1-888-686-MINT.