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Admit it, Wichita: You’re drowning in eggs, milk and bread

Bread pudding is an excellent way to use up excess bread, eggs and milk.
Bread pudding is an excellent way to use up excess bread, eggs and milk. Ft. Worth Star Telegram

As anyone who dared visit a Wichita grocery store on Friday can confirm, a whole lot of people have a whole lot of milk, eggs and bread in their houses right now.

The shelves at local grocery stores were stripped bare as people did what people do when preparing for an Ice-pocalypse – they stood in endless lines to buy the holy trifecta of being trapped in your home.

Personally, I’ve always been unclear about why bread, milk and eggs are considered the main winter weather necessities. What are the meals people envision they can’t do without until the thaw? Sandwiches? Bowls of cereal? Deviled eggs? It’d make a lot more sense to me if the liquor store shelves were stripped bare or if there was a sudden shortage of chili beans. (Although I hear that may have happened, too.)

But, alas, this weekend’s Ice-pocalypse Ice-pooped out. And now lots of people are stuck with the expiring results of their stockpiling instincts.

Here’s the upside to the storm that wasn’t: Lots of delicious dishes can be prepared with all that extra dairy and carbs. Here are four recipes I suggest.

BREAD PUDDING: The name, I admit, is not too appetizing. But bread pudding is one of the best desserts out there and is always the best way to dispose of extra bread. Most recipes call for brioche or a heartier bread, but trust me, sandwich bread works, too. And you can make it even tastier by adding nuts, fruits – even chocolate. A little ice cream on top is essential. Here’s a basic bread pudding recipe.

EGG SALAD SANDWICHES: My mommy made these for me when I was a little girl, and I still love them to this day. And they’re super easy to make. Simply boil up a few eggs, mush them all up, add some mayo, mustard, salt and pepper then eat it as a sandwich on two pieces of toast. I just add ingredients until it tastes right, but if you’re someone who needs exact measurements when you cook, here’s a recipe.

FRENCH TOAST BAKE: French toast is the ultimate eggs-milk-bread recipe. But a French Toast bake is almost like dessert for breakfast. Try this recipe.

MEXICAN SPOON BREAD: Imagining you’re in Mexico while you use up your supplies could really add some warmth to this situation. Fortunately, your staples can be turned into Mexican spoon bread, a bread pudding of sorts that would pair well with all that leftover chili. Warning: You may need to take a trip to the store for a few extra ingredients, but the shelves are restocked by now. Here’s a recipe.

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