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Wow your relatives by bringing this wacky Thanksgiving dessert

Piecaken: A pie baked inside of a cake. You can get one from a Wichita bakery.
Piecaken: A pie baked inside of a cake. You can get one from a Wichita bakery. Tipsy Caakes

Turducken: You have met your dessert match.

The piecaken.

And you can buy one in Wichita.

For those who follow along with wacky Thanksgiving trends, the turducken is a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey then cooked. Though it’s never become a holiday mainstay, the “three-bird roast” is a delicacy that’s often joked about in popular culture. (Whole Foods in Wichita sold them last year, but because of issues with the duck supply, they’re not offering them this year.)

The piecaken follows suit, only sweeter. It’s a pie baked into a cake. Local baker Erica Miner, who owns a home bakery called Tipsy Caakes, is selling them this year for $35 apiece.

“I had seen it on Google, and I was like, ‘Wow. That’s awesome,’” Miner said. “So I just did my own twist on it.”

Miner said she is open to whatever pie/cake combo her customers can dream up. In the past, she’s made piecakens by baking a pumpkie pie into a pumpkin spice cake. She also once baked a three-berry pie into a white cake. Nearly any combination people can come up with, she can do, she said. She just needs 48 hours notice.

Miner opened her bakery in 2012 and has a commercial kitchen in her basement. Last year, she sold about seven piecakens.

But this year, she’s ready to bake more.

“I’m always trying to find something different than what other bakeries are doing,” she said.

To get your piecaken, contact Tipsy Caakes at 316-323-9058.

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