Dining With Denise Neil

The Flying Stove now has magic pay

Me having a Flying Stove moment.It’s cold out today, so my co-workers and I decided to have lunch in. I noticed on Facebook that the Flying Stove was parked over at First and Washington, which is right by the Eagle. I also noticed on Facebook that the Flying Stove has another payment option: Magic pay.

Actually, it’s called Square Wallet, and it’s an app some businesses are now using. I downloaded it on to my phone, per the instructions on the Flying Stove Facebook page. All I had to do was enter my credit card info, choose a password and upload a photo.The current Flying Stove menu. We tried it all.When I approached the truck, the Flying Stove’s iPad recognized that I was near, and cha-ching, the transaction went through. No cash. No credit card hassle. (I also should mention that I texted my order, and the Stove guys brought my food out to me in my car. I love 2014.)

I want to pay for my whole life like this.

As it turns out, I was the first customer to use this system at the Flying Stove, so they commemorated it by taking my photo and posting it on Twitter.

And for the record, our lunch was amazing. I highly recommend the borracho bolillo.