Dining With Denise Neil

Let the State Fair food freakiness commence

The Kansas State Fair opens tomorrow, and as always, it will be serving up mountains of ridiculous yet fabulous food concoctions that none of us should eat.

Should we?

Eh. We probably should. If for no other reason than that its darn near impossible to find deep fried birthday cake any other time of year.

My story for Friday’s Go! section — which is already online — outlines all the weird new food items that vendors have dreamed up this year. My favorite comes from a new Hutchinson food truck that’s airbrushed with “Wizard of Oz” characters. It’s called There’s No Taste Like Home, and during the fair, it will be serving “picnic on a stick” — a skewer stabbed hunks of chicken, potato and pickle, dipped in onion ring batter and deep fried. Yum. When the fair ends, the food truck will return to the street of Hutcinson, where it serves comfort food with a twist. (Chicken and waffles served in a waffle cone, for example.) People can find the food truck post-fair by checking out its Facebook page.

Other vendors are selling equally wild items, such as grilled lemonade, deep fried birthday cake, deep fried Jalapeno Twinkies, bologna bacon pies and more.

Fairgoers can find a directory of who’s serving what the the fair this year on the fair’s website. It’s divided by category of food, and this year organizers have smartly added categories for both bacon and deep fried foods.

Watch the Eagle starting on Saturday for my daily reviews of this year’s fair foods offerings.

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