Dining With Denise Neil

Lollabake sells not-to-sweet cookies

My story last week about an amazing baker and her amazing bread — Sharon Entz of Newton’s Crust & Crumb Co. — caused quite a stir at Saturday’s Old Town Farmer’s Market.

Entz messaged me after she got home on Saturday and said that the line at her booth was long and constant and didn’t go away until she was completely sold out of bread.Lollabake’s “Wake Me Up” cookie.The line caught the eye of another baker who booths at the Farmer’s Market, which lasts Saturday mornings from 7 to noon at First and Mosely in downtown Wichita. She called this week to tell me about her sweet but not-too-sweet offerings.

Lilibeth Carter is the owner of Lollabake, a cookie company she started out of her house last year. She specializes in gourmet cookies that are flavorful, she said, but not overly sweet.

Her most popular offering is her “Wake Me Up” cookie, made with chocolate chips and coffee flavoring, and her Kamron cookies, which she invented with and named after her grandson. It’s full of M&M’s, Kit-Kat bars and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.Kamron cookies from LollabakeCarter also offers several cookies made with tropical flavors such as coconut and pineapple, a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, a sugar-free strawberry pecan and a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie.

She packages the cookies in clear boxes shaped like Chinese takeout containers, which sell for $8.10 apiece.

“I want people to be happy, and I want them when the mite into my cookies to get a big smile,” she said.

Cookie lovers can find Carter at the Farmer’s Market or can place orders by calling 316 258-2732.