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Who will it be, doughnut fans? Donut J. Trump or Fillery Clinton?

Few people would likely describe the 2016 presidential election as “sweet.”

But LaMar’s Donuts, which has three stores in Wichita, is attempting to inject some caloric levity into the proceedings.

The stores are all selling election-related doughnuts – an elephant-shaped doughnut with red powdered sugar for Republicans and a donkey-shaped doughnut with blue powdered sugar for Democrats – and are asking customers to “vote with your stomach.”

They even have presidential names for the doughnuts. The elephant is named “Donut J. Trump” and the donkey is “Fillery Clinton.”

All LaMar’s locations are keeping track of which doughnut’s sales are higher, and they’ll report their own election results. Not surprisingly for Kansas, Donut J. Trump is in the lead so far, said Matt Wessley, the general manager of Wichita’s LaMar’s stores.

“We’re trying to make light of it,” he said. “We don’t want to get people fired up that early in the morning.”

Mike Wessley, who is the retail manager for the stores, said children will frequently ask their parents for one of the doughnuts, based solely on which color they prefer. If it doesn’t align with their parents’ political persuasions, they firmly suggest a different selection.

“Sometimes, a child will say they want their particular color, and the parent will go, ‘Oh no you don’t. I’ll explain that when we get home.’”

LaMar’s has been conducting its presidential doughnut poll for the last three election cycles, and though Wichita customers have always eaten more elephants, the voting percentages have never been too far off from the actual results, Matt Wessley said.

The doughnuts will be available through the election, he said.

“It’s kind of funny to see people’s reactions,” he said. “If nothing else, it’s a conversation starter.”

There’s no word on whether Glazey Johnson or Jelly Roll Stein will be added to the lineup.