Dining With Denise Neil

Kim's Magic Pop magically addictive

A few weeks ago, my daughter and I were in the Dillon’s at 21st and Maize when something caught our eye. A guy in a little booth was not only wearing a hairnet over his super-long heavy metal beard, but he also was creating a whole lot of racket.

He was making Kim’s Magic Pop, an interesting low-calorie snack thingy being made and sold in several of Wichita’s fancier Dillons. The little Magic Pop booths sit in the deli departments, and watching them being made is pretty entertaining.

Also entertaining: Trying to figure out why these snacks are so addictive. We’ve gotten on a little Magic Pop kick here at The Eagle, which amuses us because they don’t really taste all that good, and yet we can’t stop eating them.

Magic Pop booth comes from a company in New Jersey. Their finished products are intended to mimic a snack famous in Korea. They taste sorta like rice cakes, eat sorta like pork rinds and are so light, they’re almost negative calories. One pop, about as big as a tea saucer, has about 20 calories.

They come in several flavors, including cinnamon, onion and strawberry. I like the way they disintegrate on your tongue, and several of my coworkers say they like to top them with things such as cream cheese, peanut butter and powdered sugar.

It’s also fun to watch them being made. The machine spits them out with a kinetic intesity that’s hard to ignore. Watch the video my colleague Julie captured this weekend at the Dillon’s at Central and Rock.

Magic Pop machines are also in Dillon’s at Harry and Webb, Central and Maize, 21st and Maize, 37th and Woodlawn, 31st and S. Seneca, Harry and Edgemoor.

Anyone else tried them? What do you think?