Dining With Denise Neil

False taco truck alarm

Tacos Gallo's is back where it belongs, just east of the QuikTrip at Douglas and Washington.This morning, several panicked members of the Twitter community asked me where the Tacos Gallo’s truck was.

Well, it’s at the corner of Douglas and Wabash, I told them, right where it’s been since it relocated to downtown last fall.

Then I realized what they actually meant. The taco truck was gone.

NOOO!!! A quick phone call solved the mystery. Tacos Gallo’s owner Jose Rendon took the truck to the Sedgwick County Zoo on Sunday for the big Cinco de Mayo celebration.

He didn’t return the truck to its home base until this morning, but he’ll be back in business, serving fabulous tacos, tortas and burritos, starting at 11 a.m. today.

That’s the trouble with these restaurants on wheels. At any moment, they can roll away and scare us. Glad this one was a false alarm.

By the way, I’ve been meaning to tell you all that Tacos Gallo’s recently added a few tables outside the truck, so on nice days, folks can order and then dine right there in the parking lot.