Dining With Denise Neil

Chef Jason: Made for television

From the day I met Chef Jason Febres, I felt like he was made for television.

It doesn’t take much to see that he has what it takes to star on a Food Network or Bravo cooking show — charisma, Latin good looks and culinary ability.

His only problem: He lives in Wichita, and contestants on those shows usually come from New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc…

But Febres isn’t going to let that stop him. The chef, who’s opened Sabor and now owns Taste & See at 3825 E. Harry, is making a bid to get on Food Network’s show “Chopped.”

He’s filled out an application, and now he’s taking the advice of an industry expert who told him to get a video made and get it viewed. Febres’ goal is to have as many people as possible view the above video in hopes that it will boost his chances.

“I have always wanted to do one of those shows,” he said. “I know at some point, I will find a way.”

My favorite part of the video, which was made by a Febres friend, comes in the opening minutes when he announces: “I AM the ultimate Latin fusion experience.”

Warning: Don’t watch the video if you’re hungry. Or lonely.