Dining With Denise Neil

Downtown Wichita gets a taco truck

My deskmate Katie alerted me last week to an exciting development in downtown Wichita.

We have our first taco truck.

Tacos Gallo’s, owned by Jose Rendon, operated for two years at 21st and Broadway. But he decided there was too much taco truck competition in the area, so a couple of weeks ago, he relocated to a parking lot on Wabash, just north of Douglas and just east of the QuikTrip at Douglas and Washington.This sign was posted on the truck on Monday. Yum.Rendon serves authentic tacos on corn tortillas filled with carne asada, barbacoa, pork, chicken and more. He also offers tortas, quesadillas, fajitas and burgers. Customers who pre-order can pick up batches of hot tamales from the truck on Saturdays, and sometimes, has them leftover to serve into the week. He also serves Mexican Coca Cola in a glass bottle.

Katie and her lunch crew, who visited last week, had good things to say about the tacos. They particularly loved one filled with a meat mixture called “discada,” a combination of pork, steak, bacon and smoked sausage. Tacos cost $1.75 apiece.

Tacos Gallo’s is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.-ish Mondays through Fridays.