Dining With Denise Neil

Sweet dreams of Deli Day

Freddy's Scott Redler, right, and his pal Lou Medvene man the meat line at Sunday's Deli Day.I love church food in nearly any form, whether it be a potluck feast or a well-oiled fundraiser.

Yesterday, I persuaded my friend Jaime to accompany me to one of Wichita’s longest running church food fundraisers. (I can’t believe I failed to include it when I wrote this story. DOH!)

It was Deli Day at at Congregation Emanu-El, 7011 E. Central, and church members were serving up a spread of New York City deli dishes, including matzo ball soup and corned beef sandwiches. I’ve loved this food every since Jaime first introduced me to it when we went to New York City years ago. She grew up eating it and makes a mean matzo ball soup.

We ran into Scott Redler at the event. He’s an owner of the Freddy’s Frozen Custard chain and has run the kitchen at Deli Day for years. The brisket served at Deli Day was made using his mother’s recipe, which I feverishly jotted down mentally as he recited it and plan to cook as soon as I can get myself to the meat department.

Note to local entrepreneurs: Could someone PLEASE open a real New York Deli in these parts? I can guarantee you at least two regular customers.

Here are a few more pictures from Deli Day.

Deli Day’s fabulous corned beef sandwich, served with a side of potato salad and Israeli tomato and cucumber salad.

My deli food mentor Jaime Green, who's also a photographer at the Eagle. Here, she waits for her matzo ball soup to cool off while we salivate over the brisket platter.