Dining With Denise Neil

The Jaded Pearl will be a Donut Whole extension

Donut Whole owners Michael Carmody and Angela Mallory are very close to opening the tea bar they’ve been planning for the space next door to their successful, colorful doughnut shop at 1720 E. Douglas.

The Jaded Pearl should open in a couple of weeks right next door at 1716 E. Douglas. It’ll be accessible to the Donut Whole through a doorway adjoining the two businesses and will feature three dozen varieties of loose-leaf tea plus cereals, toast made with big hearty breads, and smears for the toast.

The duo already has the furniture for the spot, and they’re taking their time getting it just right before they open it.

Once it’s up and going, The Jaded Pearl will be open from 6 a.m. to midnight daily.

So what’s the meaning behind the name? It’s simple, Carmody said. From a long list of ideas the owners came up with, it was the one they liked best.

I’ll let you know when Carmody and Mallory have a firm opening date.